Why pet portraits?

My name is Julie and I am a dog lover.  I do not own any dark clothing without a covering of white hair and my cupboards are bare except for the shelf of expensive, organic treats.  You might say I am moderately (extremely) obsessed with my Lab/Whippet mix Mosby, but chances are you are too and we can both agree it's healthy.  


I started painting pet portraits about 10 years ago, using my beloved childhood dog, Cappy, as a reference.  She had passed away a couple years prior and needless to say painting her was a very therapeutic experience.  Not a day goes by when I don't look at that portrait and am grateful for the memory.  Thus began my pet portrait business, celebrating the bond we share with our pets that is second to none.

Cappy, Oil on Canvas

My studio and my studio assistant, Mosby

Stretching a canvas


Happily creating in Pittsburgh, PA

Canvas Stretching Materials

Canvas, Scissors, Gesso, Square, Paint Roller, Staple Gun, Pliers, Sandpaper, Wire, Eye Hooks and Stretcher Bars